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Clever Kids Smart Dogs

Clever Kids Smart Dogs (CKSD)  is a non-profit youth empowerment project, which assists children from impoverished areas in and around Atlantis with training and caring for their dogs.

 The dog training is offered every Saturday morning from 9-11am, close to Atlantis; where the children are required to be on time, with their dogs.


Since August 2017

We started with the 2 founders, 6 children and their dogs. Today we have a team of 5 volunteers and 70+ children and their dogs.

Atlantis is in Cape Town, South Africa. The area faces many poverty-related challenges. Gang violence is a daily threat to peace in the area.

Children ATTENDING weekly



kgs of dog food provided every week

What Drives Us

“By teaching the youth to love and care for their dogs, the importance of vaccinating and sterilising pets and basic dog training skills, we hope to give them a sense of pride and purpose in their community. We encourage them to become leaders in taking responsibility for their pets and in encouraging those around them to do the same.” – Yvonna Hertog, CKSD Co-founder